Are you itching to get back to Vegas? You've been locked up for quite some time, could it be that your first trip during a pandemic is to Sin City? What if you could get your flight covered without having to be someone's sugar baby?

The good news is Las Vegas really wants their tourists back. So, to aid in the returns of tourists,  Derek Stevens, the owner of The D, the Golden Gate, and Circa Las Vegas, is offering free one-way tickets for tourists to come live their best life. Stevens has the help of Allegiant, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines. The promotion has been named "Keep America Flying." Steven's is offering 1,000 one way flights, so the clock is ticking.

Keep in mind, Americans will be flying but you are responsible for booking your returning flight. Plus you have to pay for your stay at a hotel, motel, or an Airbnb. Stevens hopes that you'll choose to stay at one of the properties that he owns, or at least go gamble at one of his locations.

The "Entertainment Capital of the World" took a huge hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Vegas economy has been struggling without tourists. The lack of tourists even has casinos that line Las Vegas Boulevard announcing that they will not charge locals to park in their garages, anything to populate the Vegas Strip right?

If you want to go to Sin City and not have to pay for the flight there, click here for more information. 

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