There has been a lot of debate recently on whether or not it pays to go to college.  The biggest knock against getting a college education is the possibility of incurring tons of debt.  The level of student debt is now $1.2 TRILLION (that's a number that ends in 12 zeroes), and 70% of students graduate owing $28,950.  And how much it helps you depends a lot on which school you attend.  If you go to Underwater Basket-Weaving U., you might have a tough time; on the other hand, if you attend one of the Ivies, you'll probably do pretty well.  So, if you're thinking about college, check out the U.S. Department of Education's recently released College Scoreboard.  It ranks the schools whose alumni earn the most money ten years after they graduate.  As you'd expect Harvard is on the list, as is MIT.  But the one that tops them all is LSU Health Shreveport whose graduates make $60,000 more per year than the the 2nd place school's graduates.

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