No vote today on the Mayor's effort to create the new position of Chief Financial Officer. He wants to appoint Sherricka Fields Jones as CFO. The mayor called a special meeting of the council, but as you will see, the City Attorney, Mekisha Creal told the Council proper notification was not sent in a timely manner.

Adrian Perkins has been trying to create this new position, but has been getting some resistance. Last week, the council postponed creating this post and it was set to come up again next week. But apparently the mayor does not want to wait until next week. He wants the council to take action today.

We have gotten questions about whether or not today's meeting is legal. We are awaiting an opinion from the city attorney.

Sources have told KEEL News that the decision by the Mayor to call this special meeting came after he learned that one member of the City Council, John Nickelson, would be unavailable to attend the meeting. Nickelson has been an outspoken critic of the Mayor's recent maneuvering with the CFO creation, and CAO appointment, though he has been supportive of Whitehorn as a perspective appointment.

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