When I was a kid, it was a tradition at my house -as it is in millions of others - that on Father's Day, dad gets whatever he wants for dinner. But what is it he wants? My dad would usually opt for his favorites: Chicken fried steak and (ugh) Fig Newton cookies for desert.

Well, the folks at Finlandia Cheese conducted their own survey of Father's Day favorites, and though my pop's "CFS" didn't make their list, it would seem dads across the USA would rather go drive-thru or delivery than dress up!

American Dads Top 10 Favorite Father's Day Dishes

1) Pizza (83%)

2) Fried Chicken (81%)

3)Ice Cream (80%)

4) Lasagna (72%)

5) Spaghetti and Meatballs (71%)

6) Macaroni and Cheese (70%)

7) Meatloaf (69%)

8) Grilled Cheese (66%)

9) Chili (65%)

10) Pot Pie (59%)

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