For most of us, music has played an important part in our lives. Whether it is something that had a direct and significant impact on you as a human being or if it is just something to elicits memories of a time and place, music has played a role in all our lives.

For Erin McCarty, 'Eat a Peach' by the Allman Brothers changed her life. For Robert, there are lyrics in songs that to him just sort of put life in perspective. For me, the most influential artist in my life is Johnny Cash. And more specifically, Johnny's song 'The Legend of John Henry's Hammer'.

If you really look at the lyrics and listen to the story, I believe you can learn everything there is to know about being a man: providing for your family, having a strong work ethic, standing up for what you believe in, not letting the corrupt and greedy push you around, etc.. That song true shaped the person and man I am today.

I've always been a bit weary of new technology. Unlike many of those my same age, I have a skepticism about advancing tech. On paper, a self checkout machine at the grocery store is great, but that little machine took the place of 4 or 5 people who were working to provide for their families.

As Cash says in the song, "Now did the Lord say that machines ought to take place of livin'? And what's a substitute for bread and beans? I ain't seen it! Do engines get rewarded for their steam?" We spend a lot of time in the modern world asking if we can do things instead of asking if we should.

Johnny Cash, on multiple levels, has changed the way I view the world. I'm always on the side of working ma...the little guy who gets pushed around by the corrupt and powerful. Johnny since my youth has inspired me to speak my mind, not be afraid to stand up for myself and views, to take pride in my work and to ultimately work to do what's best for me and my family. I believe you could learn everything there is to know about being a good person in the Johnny Cash songbook.

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