This weekend my family was in town and we started discussing our newfound love for crawfish. I just started trying to learn to be super effective when it comes to eating crawfish, (crawfish eating competition coming soon). They asked me where I go to get crawfish and I felt totally dumb. I Couldn't think fast enough, where do all the locals go to eat crawfish? I have friends who go to a wagon type place that is only around during crawfish season, I can't think of the name of it. There are some people who go to crawdaddies, some people swear by a place in Minden. I have some of the best beer picked out to pair with crawfish, all that's missing is the crawfish.

Do us a favor, tag your favorite place to get crawfish below. Feel free to brag on your crawfish spot. Do you go there because of the price, the spice or the service?