It's a question that's been nagging at me for weeks, and though I've asked a few people about it, no one has an answer.

Every Labor Day weekend my wife's family has a reunion in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. For the past nine years we had been driving there from Wichita, Kansas, and had the route down pat.  This year we moved to Shreveport, so we had to find a new route to. So, we did what any non-Luddite in the world does today, we Googled it.  The map that popped up had us going straight up I-49 and basically turning left at Texarakana.  Pretty simple, huh?

One would think, but here's where it got  tricky.  The map said to take Route 1 from our home just off of Youree Drive and head north through downtown Shreveport.  Well, that didn't make any sense.  Both my wife and I take I-49 as part of our routes to work, and we catch it off of Pierremont, so we figured we'd just take I-49 North from there.  That was our first mistake.

That route took us west on I-20 all the way until it hit 220 and then proceeded north over Cross Lake and through all that construction.  We saw the sign for I-49 North after we got across the bridge, but that exit was closed.  We kept driving thinking we'd see a sign, but when we got to Bossier City we knew we had gone too far.

So, we turned around and then saw the sign that said to take Highway 71 North to I-49. After driving about an hour out of our way, we finally made it to I-49.  But then, as I was pulling onto I-49 northbound there were cars coming from behind me.  Where the heck did they come from?

Apparently there's a portion of I-49 that we could find no access to.  Is this a path known only to locals?  Do you need a special map?  Can you help a brutha out?


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