Today I had a friend call me and ask me if I have gone out to the new gas station on Industrial Drive in Bossier.

Why she would be so excited over a gas station? My friend proceeded to tell me that every inch of this gas station was awesome. She claimed that there were so many pumps and she said that she walked in and there was a wall full of gum. I love gum, she caught my attention.

She claims they had the best snack selection she had ever seen and proceeded to tell me that that was the new place to go get gas. The several pumps part is a plus for sure however when she went on and on about how amazing the snacks were I was sold. I have a very unhealthy infatuation with Buc-ee's and the nearest one is Terrell so of course, I started to pay attention when she went on and on about how massive this gas station was. I realize that this gas station is new however this can’t be the best gas station in Shreveport in Bossier Right?

What gas station do you swear is the best in town? You can message me directly by clicking here. I am always down to discover new places yes, even new gas stations.

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