They say the first step to overcoming addiction is admitting that you have a problem. So, I'm going to come clean.  I have a problem with snacking.

I've had a predilection for noshing for years, but it wasn't until I partially tore an Achilles tendon that it became a serious problem.  You see, before that time I could exercise to work off all those extra calories I would ingest at night and on weekends.  But in the last four months, I have become a couch potato and my waist line looks like I tied a sack of Idahos around it.

I've also discovered that if you could get paid for being a couch potato, I would be one of the country's top professionals.  I excel at couch potato-ing.  I can eat a whole bag of Jacked Doritos in one sitting.  In a couple of hours, I can add a Twix bar or two.  I don't even break a sweat.  Except when I try to put my shoes on in the morning.

My wife has noticed.  This morning she announced cheerily, "I bought you some Honey Crisp apples!  They were on sale!" (This is actually news because normally you would need to own some Apple stock that you bought in 1981 to afford Honey Crisp apples.) "And I got you some bananas."  The only thing she didn't say was, "Hint, hint."

There may be hope for me yet.  As I was rummaging through the refrigerator this morning looking for something to go with my apples and bananas--like cottage cheese--I found a familiar package in the crisper drawer.  But it wasn't a bag of salad.  It's the snack that was ubiquitous around our house when our kids were young.  That glorious invention we all know as:  string cheese!  It's not only fun to eat, it's good for you!

And it must be fate, because today is National String Cheese Day, the day set aside to celebrate one of America's favorite snack foods.  So, when I get home from work today, I think I'll grab cheese sticks instead of that bag of chips.  Now, if I can just keep from eating a whole bag of cheese.


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