I was driving the 99X SUV to a live broadcast at Premier Homes on Mansfield Rd. a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed the Ryan's Steakhouse that was closed down right there at Bert Kouns. It's not like it was Ruth's Chris or anything, but it was a good place to take the family--it wasn't all that expensive and the food was decent.  The one in Longview is closed, too, but there is one open in Ruston.

I'm new to the area and I'm living in the Villagio Apartments in Bossier.  Right there at the corner of E. Texas and Industrial there's a big Barnhill's Buffet that's all boarded up.  (Which is interesting, cuz there's a new McDonald's right across the street.  I guess people just like drive-through's in that area or something.)

Of course that got me to thinking, are there other restaurants that have disappeared that you'd like to see return?



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