Would you be able to survive the zombie apocalypse? What if you had Doctor Who, Miley Cyrus and Batman as fellow survivors?

The aficionados of all things undead at the Facebook page WFLZombies have created an awesome birthday game chart that provides you with a team of fellow zombie slayers based on your birth date, month and the color shirt you're wearing. It's completely unscientific, and we love it!

According to the graphic, my dream team of zombie killers is: Dexter Morgan (from the TV show 'Dexter'), James Franco and Darth Vader.

Seems like a solid team, but James Franco? I have doubts he would be able to pull his weight during the zombie apocalypse. He does have experience playing someone who had to cut off his own arm, so at the worst he could be a great distraction for the walking dead while Dexter and Darth cut them down.

Tell us who's on your zombie apocalypse team in the comment section!

zombie apocalypse team

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