If there was one resounding complaint over the Xbox One's initial reveal, it was that Microsoft spent way too much time on the next-gen console's multimedia and TV capabilities and not enough on games. The company is now attempting to rectify that major misstep, inviting publisher Capcom to its E3 press conference to show off Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3.

In the gameplay demo, brand new protagonist Nick Ramos is shown fighting for his life with naught but a wrench. During a routine attack against three zombies, he's quickly overwhelmed when a nearby fence explodes to reveal dozens more flesh eaters.

As he mounts cars and roofs to avoid being dinner, he fires a flare gun into the air to distract the hungry horde and give himself a small window of time to make an escape, saying to himself, "Oh, thank God!" But not a moment later, he's forced to pick up a machine gun and mow down zombies in the street.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Dead Rising game without some wild makeshift weaponry. One such weapon, the sledge saw, is shown, and it's every bit as deadly as its name implies. Nick tosses the improvised tool at one undead and slices it in half, length-wise.

One new feature that Capcom showed off was the use of Xbox SmartGlass to call in devastating artillery strikes. While the resulting destruction was impressive, we'll probably just call them in the old-fashioned way: by pressing a button on a controller, thanks!

Check out the 6-minute gameplay demo, and let us know in the poll below if Dead Rising 3's Xbox One exclusivity has affected your plan to purchase the console.

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