Next weekend I'm taking my family on a quick getaway in Arkansas to a cabin in the Ozarks and we will have zero phone signal. Honestly being forced to be disconnected and able to relax without any outside interruptions is going to be pretty nice! I didn't think I could go without my phone till my last one died causing me to be phoneless for 3 days. In 2018 taking a phoneless vacation is almost like a life detox and now there's companies helping make this happen.

Off The Grid is a phoneless vacation company which sends your group away with lodging, itineraries for activities and even food but phones aren't allowed! There's even resorts like Punta Placer which is in Mexico and has no wifi forcing you to go without your phones or laptops.

If you're interested in looking into a phoneless vacation here's a link which has some of the top rated from all over for you to choose from!

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