My daughter Rhylee is only 3 years old so this might not even happen, but she's very serious about playing football. I played myself in school and have been a huge fan of the sport my entire life, but regardless boy or girl I don't think I'd ever encourage my child to play due to the risk of serious long term injuries. But I'll never stop their dreams.  I already know it'd be controversial having a girl on a team even though there's been many even in the college level play, but I will always tell my daughter she can do anything she wants to do. I very much believe that girls can do anything boys can do but with that being said the size difference in this sport is huge. Judging by the women in my family Rhylee will probably be around 5-5 ft 2' tall so she will be by far the smallest on the team.

Would you allow your daughter to play football? Can girls play in youth leagues in Shreveport/Bossier?  Let me know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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