Photo By Kayla Keys/The Rock Station 99X

We've all seen them around wrapped with advertisements.  I've seen a Hawaiian Punch, Skittles, Air Heads, Sour Punch and Trix car rolling around town.  The ones that make since are the busninesses that do it to advertise their business.  Now, there is a company that wants to wrap your house!

The company is called Adzookie. Their looking for houses right now to paint in obnoxious colors and place ads all over. They pay for the paint, wrap and will even pay for your house to be repainted, but even better than that they will even make your mortgage payments for at least 3 months and up to a year!

You can check out an example of what an Adzookied house looks like here. I don't think you have the choice what your house would be wrapped with.  You could end up in a house advertising adult diapers. So, would you be willing to have your house wrapped and if so, what company would you be willing to advertise on your house?

If you want to the chance to get your house Adzookied click here.

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