Someone call Chip and Jo! We've got another gold mine for them.

Flipping a house is always a gamble, but some people live for it! They've got an eye for what a structure could be and are willing to invest in it with hopes of a big payout in the end. Although I love watching shows about this process, it's not something I would be willing to jump into. I would be in way over my head.

However, it seems Shreveport is a prime place to flip a house.

WalletHub recently compiled a list of the Best Places to Flip Houses and Shreveport found itself pretty close to the top. Of the 172 cities on the list, Shreveport is ranked at number 37. We're in the top 40 cities to flip a house in the entire nation.

What makes Shreveport so ripe for picking?

It's the same things that Chip and Joanna Gaines saw in Waco when they started their show Fixer Upper. Shreveport has tremendous market potential with low renovation and remodeling costs. In fact, we are in the top 10 for both of those categories, compare to the country.

Perhaps you could pitch a show to HGTV called "Fixer Upper: Cajun Edition."

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