Many know pro wrestling superstar Jon Moxley by a different name, Dean Ambrose. That's because when he shot to the top of the pro wrestling universe in 2016, it was under the Ambrose name when he became WWE Champion.

His WWE resume is incredible. He's the 27th Grand Slam Champion in history (meaning he won the World Title, Tag Team Title, and Intercontinental Title in his career) and only the 8th ever Grand Slam Champion (meaning he was a Triple Crown and won an extra title, his being the United States Title).

Now Moxley is in a new national promotion called All Elite Wrestling, or AEW. When he left WWE for AEW, it threw the wrestling world into a fit. He instantly became a top guy in the promotion.

But going all the way back to before the titles, and before being a top guy, Moxley was a pink-haired enhancement talent for WWE. Named Jon Moxley too.

His first couple of WWE appearances were in tag team matches, but his first singles match came in January of 2007. That singles match was on WWE Heat, and it happened at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City. That night, Moxley took on veteran wrestler Val's the video:

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