All my life I have been interested in all things creepy. From watching scary movies with my mom to going on ghost tours. My first encounter with ghostly world was when my mother dated a guy who just so happened to live in an old hospital. His daughter and I camped out and had a little sleepover in the living room which used to be the waiting room for the hospital. I stayed up all night waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever did. My mom had a different experience. Apparently she was woken up by a transparent doctor asking her if she is ready for her operation. I was so jealous!

You can experience your own haunting experience at an Airbnb in New Orleans. Bustle reports that you can stay at the The Parks-Bowman Mansion in New Orleans. This place is allegedly super haunted. Three rooms are available through Airbnb. This place is pretty historic. It is located in the 130 years old Garden District. Rumor has it there is a little shy girl from the 1890s who haunts the place.  She is said to be the daughter of the first family to ever live in the house.

If you want to book a stay at this place or check out more information about it click here.

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