University Of Birmingham Hold Degree Congregations
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When I was 14, I was dreaming of learning how to drive a car.  I was trying to figure out how to talk to girls, and mostly trying not to look stupid.

14 year old Carson Huey-You has been concerning himself with a different set goals.  Namely, conquering Physics at the college level.  By the way, I haven't figured out how not to look stupid, while Carson has become the youngest person to have ever graduated from TCU.  He also minored in Chinese and Math.

This is not a fluke, this is the result of fantastic parenting.  Carson's 10 year old brother is coming up behind him fast.  Cannan just graduated High School and is preparing to follow in his big brother's footsteps by attending TCU to study engineering, physics and astronomy.

Looks like the family is full of very bright students that may be able to solve some very complex problems for us in the near future, and then get their driver's license.

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