Pet owners in the southern part of the Bayou State are on high alert today after numerous wild animals have been reported to exhibit rabies-like symptoms, and little to no fear of people.  

According to WDSU, an outbreak of canine distemper is ravishing the area from Florida Parishes to Lafayette.  State officials are urging pet owners to make sure their pets are up to date on all of their immunizations.  If they are, then they are protected (to the best of science's ability) from the virus.  Several reports of infected raccoons, exhibiting the classic symptoms associated with the disease (including a "stupor, or zombie-like state") - and no fear of humans, have surfaced.  This has drawn the attention of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department, who are currently investigating the situation.

The disease can not be passed to humans, but pets who have not been vaccinated are susceptible.  It is almost always fatal.

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