Since we're celebrating our 20th Birthday on May 10th, I got to thinking of some of the most memorable 99x moments. We've had TONS of legendary nights over the past 2 decades: SOiL and the Taylortown Massacre, The Pantera Riot of 1995, Type O Negative at Malibu Alley...the list goes on. So from here on out, were going to post a flashback to some of our favorite bands/shows. And we might as well start with one of the first bands to become members of the 99X family, Jackyl!

Since we became 99X The Rebel Rocker way back in 1994, no band has become more like family than Jesse James Dupree and Jackyl (well, maybe Kevin Martin and Candlebox but we'll let those two fight it out for who loves us more).

They've been here god knows how many times, we've been apart of their attempts to set world records...hell they just family. There just isn't any other way to put it.

So, here is Jackyl performing live the last time they were in town at the Riverside Warehouse November 13th, 2012!