At least in terms of market share.  Which smart phones are people buying now?  Neilsen's recent study suggests it's all about the Droid.

Over 2010, Nielsen charted a 27 percent market share average for Apple's iPhone, while RIM's BlackBerry fell hard from a high of 39 percent--and Android licensees collectively rose from a starting point in the single digits--to almost alongside Apple with equal 27 percent shares of the US market.
I wonder what will happen to AT&T shares later this month when Verizon starts rockin' the iPhone4? Verizon's focus last year was squarely placed on the Android platform and you can tell...about half of all U.S. Android phones are on their network. Meanwhile, AT&T is also preparing to direct more attention to Android to make up for its loss of the exclusivity of the iPhone. And while most people in the business world I know are hitting the "RIM" with their Blackberrys...AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile (now all 3 focusing on the Android platform) are shooting for nothing but NET.
(stats from and The Neilsen Company)