Top 6 Porn Stars From Arkansas [PICS]
A while back, a simple conversation in the office turned into a phenomenon on our website. That conversations led to the investigative pieces to discover what adult film stars are from the states of Louisiana and Texas.
Since everyone loved those posts, we started to look around and ask "Wha…
Swamp Pop Unleashes Louisiana-Themed Soda [REVIEW] … Sort of
Earlier today, my editor walked into my office with a handful of beverages, slammed them down on my desk, and told me he wanted a review to put up on the website before the end of the day. At first glimpse, I thought that wild-eyed bastard had unwittingly given me permission to get slobbering drunk …
Cheap Beers Rated By a Wine Expert [VIDEO]
The beer snob. We all know one. The guy who looks down his nose at your Coors Light, while he sips on his imported beer with the unpronounceable name.
"I only drink beer created in a monastery in the mountains of Afghanistan...each vat urinated in by a monk that's been fed a special d…

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