Over the past few weeks we have seen Charlie Sheen spiral out of control and offend everybody from the Jewish faith to people named Charlie. But now, the troubled actor has offended a group of people that most never take into consideration, Witches and Warlocks. A group of witches out of Salem, Massachusetts want Charlie to stop referring to himself as a Warlock because it's shedding a negative light on the word. They're basically saying that it's offensive to their religion which they claim to be about healing and peace. They said that they will not cast a hex or curse but they will cast a spell that quote," puts the bee in the bonnet". After that they laughed like a freak, jumped on a broomstick with red dust coming out of the exhaust, and flew into the night with an army of flying monkeys. Just kidding. It is sad though that even witches find Charlie Sheen obscene though because he could cast an even darker shadow on their reputation. One of the witches, who is a former fan of the show "Two and a Half Men" says that she hopes the ritual will restore peace and balance to the actor because his soul is wandering to the other side. Pissing off a group of witches from Salem is one thing but if Gandolf the Grey gets involved, it's game over for Charlie Sheen.