If you have a MARTHA STEWART glass-top patio table, you might want to practice your DUCK AND COVER techniques before your next barbecue. Because there's a chance it could EXPLODE on you.



--That happened on Father's Day to the Passarella family near Denver, Colorado. They'd just finished eating when the tabletop shattered.



--Nancy Passarella says, quote, "It was like, Boom! It just blew up . . . no reason. All of the sudden we heard this loud explosion, and the table proceeds to disintegrate."



--This isn't an isolated incident, either. Apparently, there have been hundreds of complaints about this same table, and there was even a class-action lawsuit years ago.



--The Consumer Product Safety Commission asked Martha Stewart Living to redesign the table in 2006. The Passarellas say they bought theirs at Kmart in 2008 or 2009.



--A rep for Martha's company says it's Kmart's responsibility to fix the problem. They also issued a statement saying, quote, "We do not oversee the mechanical design, engineering or manufacturing of the products."