The University of Leeds in England has been running a major survey on the stripping industry, and they just released a report with their initial findings. We pulled out the six best ones strictly for your intellectual fulfillment.

#1.) While 40.2% of strippers do it as their only job, the rest have a day job, too. And the most common one is . . . EDUCATION, at 14.2%. That's right . . . one in seven strippers are TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN.

#2.) Even though every time you get a lap dance it seems like the stripper talks about her kids, only 13.5% of strippers have children.

#3.) Only 9.5% of strippers are married. That's less than one out of 10.

#4.) The average stripper makes $379 per shift, and averages between three and five shifts per week. To do the math there, that means an average of $1,137 and $1,895 a week . . . or $59,124 to $98,540 a year before taxes and expenses.

#5.) Three-quarters of strippers said their job satisfaction is between seven and 10 on a scale of zero to 10. No stripper said it's between zero and two. The things that make them most satisfied are the hours, getting paid right away, and the money.

#6.) The things that strippers like the least are not knowing how much money they'll make, having to lie about their job, rude and abusive customers . . . and having lost all respect for men.