Congrats to Digital Summer, our "Picks" winner from last week! Listen for "Just Run" on 99x this week!  And congrats, too, to This Day Forth and Fallen Within for making such a strong showing with the votes!  You guys ROCK!  This week features an all-Louisiana lineup (even though, technically, Aevory singer Josh Lyon has relocated to Nashville...he is still a Louisiana guy! Keep in mind, the other band members you hear in the recording have changed. Look for the remaining members to show up here, hopefully soon, with a NEW band!)  Vote, vote, vote...and vote OFTEN! I haven't seen numbers even CLOSE to the ones we had the week Kulture Kill won...we need to get those way up!

Aevory - Words Without a Song

Nottaway - Where Do I Belong?

Super Water Sympathy - Slade Was Made