Would you pay $780,000 for a piece of virgin tang?

Catarina Migliorini's virginity sold her virginity for $780,000 to a Japanese man name ed Natsu. She was in demand by 15 people and the bidding started on Oct. 7th for only $1.

Before you either get excited or lose your cool, this was done through a legitimate site called Virgins Wanted, which was created by Jason Sisely who is, an Australian filmmaker, in 2009.

Ladies, don't think that is only for women to bid on women. It is equal opportunity...however, not nearly as lucrative. Take 21-year-old Alex Stepanov from Sydney, also put his virginity up for sale, but only garnered $3,000. His virginity sold to Nene B from Brazil.

Then the fin begins. Catarina Migliorini will be flown to Australia where she and Alex Stepanov will meet the winning bidders. No one is quite sure how this is going to play out other than the 2 virgins will lose their virginities in a secret location.

Catarina Migliorini...is she really a virgin?

Take a look at Catarina. Can you honestly believe that she is #1 a virgin and #2 she couldn't find the right person with which to have sex? According to, Migliorini said confirmed that very story. She went on to say that taking part in the auction was "more sane" than having sex with a stranger drunk at a party.

Oh and she isn't a call-girl girl, of any class. "I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it." Hmmm..a PR stunt?

And she goes on to justify that stance. "If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer," she was quotes as saying in the Folha newspaper.

The website's owner has come out and said "The auction closed last night and Catarina is extremely excited. She was speaking to her family in Brazil online and they were extremely happy for her. But I guess they didn't expect her to do something like this." Of course no one is talking about how much the site owner makes off of the sale...er, transaction.

However, Catarina is a giver...beyond her cooter, as she wanted to use the money she will be earning for poverty-stricken families.

And if you are thinking of putting a bid in, under the terms and conditions of the auction:

  • The winning bidder must have a medical examination and a police check, which will rule out a number of the 99X listeners.
  • The rules also stipulate that they may not be intoxicated during their time with the virgin,
  • You may not kiss them
  • You may not involve anyone else or sex toys.
  • They are also prohibited from recording the encounter.
  • There will be no expectation to have any fantasies or fetishes fulfilled.


So what do you get?

  • One hour of our time
  • "the virgin must engage in sexual intercourse with the highest bidder".

So there is no relationship to be had. You stick it in, make your deposit and leave. For damn near $800,000, I think something more should be involved...just sayin'.