You know, Valentine's Day is BS! The pressure is all on us guys. We HAVE to go buy flowers. We HAVE to buy candy. We HAVE to take our ladies out to a nice dinner. Or else we'll be labeled as a bad boyfriend by her and every single one of her female friends and we'll have to go at least 40 days and 40 nights without sex. Which is terrible! What about us? Where is our holiday? Well, guys, it turns out we have one coming up March 14th called Steak and BJ Day!

Basically it's Valentine's Day for dudes. We all know that guys don't want candy, flowers, giant teddy bears or any of that crap. We want red meat and good loving! And that is EXACTLY what Steak and  BJ Day is all about!

Ladies if you are looking to make Steak and BJ Day super special this year, well I can help. Here a some very helpful tips on how to prepare the perfect steak and how to toss a mind blowing blowie.

Just remember, we are in this thing together. Guys, take care of your ladies on Valentine's Day and they'll return the favor on Steak and BJ Day.