n. [lee'-oh-guhn]

1) Believed to be a were-lion, Leogun was half man, half lion.

2) A three-piece band from London surging with a mix of blues, soul and a whole lotta rock 'n' roll. With bite-your-head-off choruses and a hunger to groove, Leogun mix the musicality and heart-bleeding emotion of The Raconteurs with the break-neck attitude of Queens of The Stone Age.

Leogun are the first signing to legendary Yamaha's new North America label, Yamaha Entertainment Group, and have built a following after numerous festival appearances in the UK, Europe and Russia. The launch of their debut single 'Let's Be Friends' will take place later this year, with an EP to follow.

That all comes from Leogun's bio on the Rocket Music website. I'll break it down into simple terms. Leogun effing ROCK, and if you miss them at the Warehouse tomorrow night, you'll never be able to tell one of those "I remember them when they played The Warehouse in Shreveport" stories. You can lie, but we'll all know, because you'll still have your face. The one they would have rocked off had you really been there. Doors open at 8pm, and it's a 99X Low-Dough Show, so $9.99 gets you in the door. The first "Don't Miss" show of 2013. Don't miss it.