Leogun Rocks The Warehouse Tomorrow Night [VIDEO]
1) Believed to be a were-lion, Leogun was half man, half lion.
2) A three-piece band from London surging with a mix of blues, soul and a whole lotta rock 'n' roll. With bite-your-head-off choruses and a hunger to groove, Leogun mix the musicality and heart-bleeding emotion of The R…
Leogun Rocks the KISS Kruise [VIDEO]
Leogun is a new trio from the U.K. you've been hearing a lot of on 99X lately. With influences ranging from Zeppelin to Jack White, it's no surprise that you you don't hear autotune, sampling, or the typical studio B.S. that a lot of today's new artists seem to overuse to the ext…
The Sword v Leogun – 99X CockFight
The Sword have been rolling through the competition winning 4 CockFights in a row. Tonight, they faceoff against some pretty stiff competition when they take on Leogun! Who wins this battle is all up to you. Get your votes in after the jump.