Louisiana lawmakers are taking all the fun out of abusing the welfare system. Earlier last week, the Department of Children and Family Services implemented a set of emergency regulations that prohibit freeloading hooligans from spending their food stamp benefits on lingerie, tattoos and jewelry.

Just two weeks ago, 99X reported on an adult store in Gonzales, Louisiana that was allowing customers to use food stamp cards to purchase lingerie, jelly dongs and other adult novelties. However, it was later reported that the store, Kiss My Lingerie, was not allowing its patrons to buy items like dildos and vibrators with the help of government assistance.

Well, apparently, just the possibility of strippers and lonely homemakers spending welfare benefits on sexual stimulation scared the crap out of local lawmakers. So, in addition to the current Electronic Benefits ban on alcohol, tobacco products, lottery tickets, gambling establishments, and strip clubs, the DCFS decided to include some new restrictions, making “arcades, bail bond companies, cruise ships, psychics, adult entertainment businesses, nightclubs, bars and any other businesses where minors are not allowed,” no longer reasonable places to use EBT cards, according to a report from the Associated Press.

"This rule will not affect families who currently use the program as intended, which is to provide food, shelter and clothing for families," said Sonnier. However, it will certainly have an impact on those looking to exchange their government cheese for anal beads.