What a bunch of boobs. The Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission ruled last week that women MMA fighters with breast implants will no longer be permitted to duke it out in the ring in the Creole state. This ruling is expected to remain in place for at least 60-days while the commission investigates the matter more thoroughly.

Those who oppose the commission's chesty ban says that the new rule isn’t fair because while it keeps false knockers out mixed martial arts and boxing, it does not affect those working in professional wrestling. So don't worry, the WWE Divas will still be coming around.

According to the commission, the boob job rule was brought down due to an issue regarding a female fighter withdrawing from a fight because of problems with her breast implants. Officials say concerns over the financial impact of similar problems during state-sanctioned bouts have caused the commission to get more hands on when it comes to breast implants in combat sports. Basically, they don’t want fun bags exploding in the ring.

Louisiana is the only state commission to have enacted such a rule, even though some states do require female fighters to wear breast plates during their fights.

Female fighters with breast implants who wish to go tit for tat in the state of Louisiana must first have their cosmetic surgeon give his written approval for the fight. Yet, members of the commission say that is not likely to happen because no matter how much some racks resemble a couple of speed bags, they are not meant to be beat on.