A Louisiana man has been charged with murder, after police say he fatally shot another man who awakened him from his slumber by knocking on his neighbor’s door.

According to police, Ray Carlos was inside his house early Sunday morning trying to get a decent night’s sleep when he was awakened by someone beating on the door to his neighbor’s house across the street.

This is when the 58-year-old Carlos stepped outside and yelled something like, “Hey, you rotten bastard, some of us are trying to sleep.” However, the culprit, 29-year-old James Rube, was apparently not in the mood to listen to any of the old man’s complaints, so he shouted back something like, “Screw you, buddy!” and a fight ensued.

It did not take long before the argument escalated from loud voices to gunshots… or should we say gunshot. Carlos whipped out a pistol and fired a single shot, which nailed Rube in the head – killing him instantly.

Carlos knew he screwed up big time, so he called 911 and turned himself in to authorities. When medical personnel arrived on the scene, they found Rube dead on the sidewalk.

Carlos is facing 15-years to life in prison if he is convicted. No word if the person Rube was trying to summon ever answered the door.