2 things you can always guarantee from AC/DC kick ass albums that always deliver and a kick ass live show that you won't soon forget.  Now get ready for their new live album coming on November 24th.

If you were one of the lucky people who were able to see AC/DC on the Black Ice Tour two years ago, then you know why AC/DC has been around for 39 years. It also had the band at their best. After all they hadn't been on the road for 8 years.

If you did see them on the last tour, or even if you missed them, then you have a chance to relive the experience or a chance to get a great induction to a show that you won't soon forget. AC/DC has announced their first live album in 20 years. "Live at River Plate" was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December 2009, with the band playing in front of 200,000 fans.

AC/DC's last live album was released way back in 1992. Titled Live, it included performances from Donington, Dublin, Glasgow, Detroit and Moscow. It reached No 5 in the UK.

AC/DC fans will be only slighlty happy about this,a sthey head in to 2013, they will be celebrating 40 years. But since Brian Johnson has been fighting throat problems, it could be a delay. However he and the band hope that AC/DC will release one more studio album, and do one more world tour, before they retire. Brian Johnson said "I think you need a full stop at the end of everything".

To get a killer view of what you will hear on this album, take a peek: