The Boomtown "Belt It Out" karaoke contest kicked off this week, and runs every Wednesday night through May 18th. Open registration takes place in Boomtown's Cantina at 8 each night, and 15 to 20 contestants will be chosen on a first-come basis. Those folks get to choose five songs, and the judges will choose one for each to sing. Singers will be judged on four criteria...Music, Stage Presence and Crowd Interaction, Appearance and Personality, and Crowd bringing your friends out is a *must*! The fun part...the judges can stop the performance at any ringing the gong located on the stage! Weekly winners get 200 dollars cash -- then on May 25th, the finalists will face off for a top prize of a $5,500 recording session at Blade Studios -- and $1,000 cash! All you have to do to get in on show up!