In the mood to be a gigantic, raging pervert? This right here is the Super Bowl of sketchiness. There's a new piece of software called FalseFlesh that promises to help you see what your Facebook friends look like . . . NAKED. Sort of. What it really does is take your friend's head and then pastes it on an appropriate naked body . . . a body with the same skin tone, size, et cetera. A few tweaks to the lighting, and now it looks like you're seeing the person naked. Of course, you could do this in Photoshop or any of the other millions of photo editing programs out there. But in those cases you'd have to find the proper nude bodies yourself, do the cutting and pasting, tweak the lighting, and more. Basically, this is the first program with the SPECIFIC purpose of taking innocent people's photos and turning them into realistic-looking nude photos. Can't see THIS leading to any lawsuits down the road, right? The site's testimonials are fittingly creepy. Quote, "My girlfriend has a really smoking hot younger sister. I had always been curious [how] she looked naked. FalseFlesh let me do this and also stay out of trouble with the GF." FalseFlesh isn't cheap . . . they want $35 for it. But if you're a beginner when it comes to photo editing . . . you've got money to spare . . . a tenuous grip on the blurring between reality and fantasy . . . and you're a pervert . . . it's perfect