What better way to show that you love drinking beer in the state of Louisiana then by drinking beer made in the state of Louisiana.

The other day, I dropped by my usual watering hole(Archie Heberts) for Oyster night. As I scanned the bar for the proper beverage to quench my parched throat. I noticed a beer that I've never had before. As an avid fan of beer, I decided to give it a world. It's called LA 31 beer and it's made in Arnaudville, Louisiana at the Bayou Teche Brewing company. It was pretty good for a pale ale and I checked their website for more info. They've been making beer for a little over a year now and have won many awards for their brew. I also noticed that it's available for purchase in 6 packs at a lot of the Brookshire's around town. Now it's not as good as my beloved Blue Moon Beer but it's still a good drink and if you get a chance, stop by and have yourself one or two.

There are other Louisiana Brews that are worth mentioning like the Abita Beer and (when you can find it) Dixie Beer. All of these are made in are state and it's always good to have a local favorite. If you know of some other good Louisiana Beers then send them to me and I'll be more than happy to go out and sample one and include it into another review.