Louisiana Man Finds GOD In an Eggplant [VIDEO]
A Louisiana cook working at Gino’s Italian family restaurant in Baton Rouge believes he was the recipient of a message from none other than the high Holy Roller himself – God. However, while they say the lord speaks in mysterious ways, this is the first time we have ever head o…
Lemmy Is GOD! [VIDEO]
Lemmy is the most bad ass man in the Rock Universe. And it's not just because Motörhead and HeadCat are awesome (which they are), it's not just because the man is a living legend (he is), but the real appeal of Lemmy is he's a real dude.
Rest In Peace Tebow Time. You Will Be Missed (Not Really) [PIC]
It has been quite a season for the Denver Bronco's "Quarterback" Tim Tebow. He started out the season as the 3rd string quarterback who was lucky to even be on the big boy team, became the Bronco's Savior and led them to the promised land (the playoffs), but the this stor…
God Hates California Sex Shops
There is always a religious wacko trying to rain on everyone's parade. This time, however, it looks like one of them is succeeding.
Roger Huang, a preacher in San Fransico, has been praying to get all the porn shops in the area shut down and it looks like God is taking up his cause bec…