Over the past few years, Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become a hot commodity. People throw Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, take hilarious pictures while rocking these hideous things. Hell, even Slayer and Metallica have their own ugly sweaters.

But today, I stumbled upon what may be the GREATEST Ugly Christmas Sweater EVER! 

Our buddies from New Orleans at Skip N' Whistle just released their own line of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. And the greatest one of all is easily the Buddy Christ Christmas sweater!

It's like George Carlin threw up after drinking too much eggnog! I know I'm gonna get me one.

Check it out below. If you like what you see, you can pick one up at the official site. Kevin Smith's bosom must be swelled with pride this holiday season. Or maybe that just from eating way too much White Castle.