No, that's not a new band name...that's what tonight's show is all about...complete and utter chaos!  Because we had so much fun on last weekend's show, I asked Trepid to come in to guest host tonight...and it really has ended up being the "Trepid interviews the Moulin Dudes" show!  (You remember the Moulin Dudes, right??  Four dudes in dresses, singing all chick pop songs...which I will be playing a couple of tonight!)We talked SO long...I can't fit this entire interview on the show.  So as a special bonus later this week....I'm going to post the rest of it here on the website.  This is NOT for young ears!  Consider that your fair warning.  I think the "biggest" part of the whole interview was seeing how many times we could integrate the word "balls" into the conversation.  It's pretty bad...and something you really should NOT miss!  Tonight...8-9!!!