Buckcherry rolls into town (CenturyLink Center, 7:30pm) with Kid Rock tomorrow night (2/13), part of the tour to promote their upcoming album "Confessions". To celebrate the release of the album, and give you a shot at scoring free tickets and more ('cause that's the way we roll), we asked you to confess your sins. To us. Publicly. On our web site. And you did. See the vile outpouring of sin here.

Then we asked the 99X Nation to vote for their favorite 'sins'. And they did. Here are the 7 top vote getters (in no particular order), our '7 Deadly Sins' if you will...

All seven sinners scored a pair of tickets to the Kid Rock/Buckcherry show, a meet and greet with Buckcherry, and a $50 gift certificate to the Fun Shop Too! Congrats...heathens!

Almost don't know where to start...when I was 16, my mom, me and my ex were watching movies. Mom fell asleep in the recliner she was in so we had sex in the other recliner a few feet away while she was sleeping. Oh yeah and when that same ex and I got married a few years later, what he didn't know was that I had slept with one of his groomsmen, whose wife was one of my bridesmaids - signed 'If the Chair is Rockin'
So me and my man were getting it on and at the time I was pregnant. We saw some blood so I went to check thinking he done killed my baby! He took me to the hospital and found out that my husband had tore another hole in my tutu! Guess you get a little dry being prego! I was relieved my sweet baby was ok but shocked that you could actually do that! - signed 'Backdoor Love'
The last time I went to confession I mentioned that I was confessing that I had partaken in the sins of the flesh. The priest asked me how many men I have been with and I said "about 70." He almost passed out and asked if they were all one-night stands or mulitple times. Without flenching, I proudly proclaimed that I was so good that they often would come back for seconds. Needless to say I got mulitple Hail Mary's and he probably wouldn't want to know the number that I am at now! =) - signed 'Going for a Record'
This all happened about 8 years ago. Me and a few buddies always go to the same bar here in Shreveport on Saturday afternoons to get shit-faced and play Golden Tee. Being "regulars" we new most of the patrons. Well, two of those patrons were a lesbian couple, both older than us. The "man" in the relationship was in her mid 50's and the femine one was in her late 40's's. For some reason we had always hit it off and I would spend alot of time with them drinking while I was there with my buddies. One WAY DRUNK Saturday afternoon after at least 10 jeager shots, my buddies bet me 500.00 that I couldnt hook up with them. So, not thinking I had a chance, I put my charm into action. After sitting with them and having countless shots and drinks, i made my proposal. Explaining to themwhat the bet was, they laughed and said something like well if we were going to have a gu y in bed it would be you. I almost shit my pants.... I actually have a shot at this. Well I ended up going home with them. I fucked both of them and then the older of the couple pulled her fake teeth out and gave me a gum job to finish me off. I passed out in their bed only to be awaken by the butch chick fucking my ass with a strapon dildo, OUCH!!!!!! Finally convincing her to stop, I passed back out. The next morning i got my shit together and left, telling them, "seeya next saturday." Oh yeah and I took a pic of us when we were fucking for proof to win the bet. A few saturdays later, we were at the bar and the femine chick came in alone. After talking for a few minutes she told me she wanted to fuck again. We went out to my truck and I pounded her till she made me stop. After that I gave her my number and said " just call when you need it." and laughed. About a week later, what do ya know, she called. We started a couple times a month fuck relationship. Ab out 6 months into our "friends with benefits" relationship, she called me and told me Judy had left town and for me to come over. We went out drinking and then came back home for a fuck marathon. I passed out and woke up to screaming. Judy, the man in the relationship had come home early and caught us in bed. I tried to calm her down, NO FUCKING DICE! She proceeded to beat the shit out of me, dragging me out of the house with only my tee-shirt on. I had no keys to my truck, no pants, shoes or anything else. THANK GOD for the spare key I had duck taped to the inside of the bumper. So in this whole deal, i won 500 bucks to get fucked by in the ass by a MAN CHICK, get my ass kicked by a MAN CHICK, and got to drive home naked. To this day my buddies dont know I got fucked in the ass...... by the way, it was FUCKING HORRIBLE! - signed Megasauras
I swear I am all 50 shades of fucked up. From being completely celibate for two whole years because I knew my husband had cheated on me with many women, I moved back to my home town and got divorced. However, moving back I did not know that I would participate in as many as 3 affairs, broke up 2 relationships, and had my fair share of relations with as many as 8 guys and 2 women, but to have at least 4 fall for me and give me gifts such as clothing, lingerie, and jewelry for coming to see them and staying with them for a night. In one affair, the woman approached me to sleep with her husband because she could not longer satisfy her husband’s needs, in another affair I am more than a lover but a confidant to his troubling relationship because his wife will not listen nor participate in having sex with him, and the other affair was because we had wanted and lusted for ea ch other since I had turned 18, but never pursued the interest until now…to the women of my relationships, I taught them bondage and tied them up and taught them to play with knifes while having sex, however the kinky knife play was self satisfying as well as gratifying to the other individual who wanted to experience a deeper more sadistic version of my world. As far as breaking up relationships, it was bound to happen anyways. Hell, I even turned a southern preachers son into a slapping ass raving crazy person that can’t get enough….As far as the gifts/compensation, I don’t mind, but if I am to maintain a certain level composure for myself I require that it is up front. With at most of 29 contacts in my phone that is waiting for me to blow their minds, or something else, with my many talents I believe my lustfulness has cost me every chance at heaven…but that’s for you to decide. - 'The Girl Next Door'
I've been pondering whether or not to post here because, well, I feel kinda crazy doing it, but here goes. When I was 28, I was involved with a somewhat older man. We had an open relationship type of arrangement, even though we lived together. We were allowed to seek whatever bedmates we wanted, but were not allowed to bring them home because of his kids and mine. Well, it wasn't long before he started telling women that we were just roommates, and bringing them home, which not only hurt me, but confused the kids. One day he called me to let me know he was bringing one home, and wanted to make sure that I cooked enough extra to feed her. At this point I decided I had had enough. I set his bed on fire, thinking I would just burn it, put it out, and leave. This was not the case. It quickly got out of control and nearly burned his entire bedroom and many of his personal pos essions. We are no longer together, though not a result of this incident. And only recently did he find out I did it on purpose, he thought for the last few years that it was an electrical fire. The worst part was he didn't have insurance on his home at the time, and ended up having to repair the damage all on his own. I know I should feel bad, but honestly I don't, he put me through hell, and deservedevery bit of financial burden he got...The FireStarter
Forgive me Father Puff, for I have sinned!

23 years ago this girl wanted to throw a party at her house because her mom was gone for the weekend. My girlfriend (at the time) and I stayed over both nights. After having sex, I was heading to the bathroom to clean up! I walked by a box of Ritz crackers and thought it would be funny to put my used condom in it. So I then took them to the pantry and put the box up. I Never told anyone what I did.

A week later the party house girl seen me at the local club and was Furious with me! Her Mom sat down one night to eat a salad and reached in that box and pulled out that used condom stuck to crackers!!!

I denied everything and blamed it on the bad boy of the bunch that was also there.. I know it was a horrible prank to do, but we was all young and done something stupid before? I never told them it was me, but I think they thought it was deep down inside. I was never a good lier.

Looking back, I know it was a horrible prank, but if I could have just seen her Mom's face when it happened :)

Signed - "Everything goes great with a Ritz" !!

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