The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has released the names of 11 people detained in a gruesome case of apparent animal sacrifice over the weekend on what started as a cruelty to animals call.  Officers with the BCSO arrived at a house west of San Antonio on Friday night after receiving noise complaints from the neighbors.  When officers arrived, they found individuals wearing all white religious garb of some kind.  They also found several dead chickens and goats, butchered animal parts, and lots of blood.

According to Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, she saw:

... a lady that appeared to be cutting up meat or some type of animal parts and a person holding up a chicken, draining blood into some type of container"

The officers also found several other animals in the house, some alive and some dead.  According to KSAT, the following people were arrested and are facing cruelty to animals charges:

  • Ivan Felipe Gonzalez, 24
  • Alexander Gene Campos, 23
  • Carmen Maria Gonzalez-Trujillo, 57
  • Luis Rodriguez-Ortiz, 40
  • Roberto Talamantez, 55
  • Ariel Torres Arteaga, 39
  • Irma Garza Talamantez, 64
  • Cynthia Gabriell Martinez, 29
  • Ramon Patino Jr., 65
  • Liza Mercado, 46
  • Marie Galan Murica, 65

The surviving animals have been given medical treatment.

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