If you watch very closely, our elected officials are nothing but magicians.  Experts in misdirection and slight of hand.  "Here!  Watch this! (while we do the really important sneeky-sneaky stuff over there!)"  Nothing up their sleeves, right?  That's why simple laws (Hit someone in the head with a brick - go to jail for a year) get convoluted in 1000 page bills and referendums that could also include addendums like "Any cupcake purchased by the U.S. Government must be purchased in 500 count quantities from Dolly's Cupcakes (owned by the mother of the sponsor of the bill, of course) at a cost of $700.00 each".  Okay, an extreme example, but you get the drift.

And now we have Obamacare.  What we're being told is that it's a simple referendum that guarantees every American affordable health care.  Looks and sounds good on the outside, huh?  Like a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Or a turd wrapped in a boneless buffalo wing wrapped in bacon wrapped in a waffle.  Underneath it's still a wolf.  Still a turd.  5000 pages of incomprehensible rhetoric that NOT ONE SINGLE CONGRESSMAN/CONGRESSWOMAN has read, but many will sign anyway.  And then tell us how great and important and necessary it is.  So, tell me, Ms. Landrieu (and the other Representatives and Congress rats that will cash in to the tune of millions of dollars on this Obam-in-a-tion), if Obamacare is so wonderful, shouldn't the people who passed it be the first in line to have it? Why is it that you and your cohorts refuse to be enrolled in Obamacare, but instead wrap yourselves in holier-than-thou-because-we're-better-than-you healthcare?  And shouldn't that be a HUGE red flag to the American public that something is rotten in Washington?

And if you think healthcare is the only thing at stake here, look around you.  The effects of Obamacare are already being felt in the economy before it even goes into law.  Due to the additional costs mandated by Obamacare, small businesses will be forced to close, jobs will be lost, employee salaries cut and work hours reduced.  Don't buy that?  For your dining and dancing please, a list of (over 300!) employers that have reportedly already cut employee hours to avoid the Obamacare "tax" - click here.

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