Finally! The NFL and college football seasons have arrived!  And not a minute too soon...

Watching football on TV is great.  Even better when done with a bunch of friends - at home or in a crowded bar.  But, there's nothing like being at a game in person - for the ambiance...and the cheerleaders!

Sure, every once in a while, the guy on camera three will spend a second or two on an especially hot cheerleader.  But when you are actually at the game, you can pick your favorite, and gaze at her as long as you want.  Until the fat guy in front of you stands up, or your wife elbows you in the head and threatens you with divorce.

Here in Louisiana, we are fortunate enough to have some of the hottest cheerleaders in the game - The Saintsations.  Any doubts, spend a little time with the making of the 2013 Saintsation Calendar Photo Shoot.  Not too much time.  You'll go blind.

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