We aren't exactly morning people, but if there's one thing that will get us up and at full attention it's hot cheerleaders. Wearing booty shorts. In the 99X studio. Yep.

The Sideline Group's team of all-star cheerleaders, appropriately called The Sideline Dolls, stopped by this morning to talk about its Road to the Big Game Tour 2013.

The group is looking to do good with a youth initiative and follow-up stop at Shriner's Hospital for Children in Shreveport. However, all it took was hearing the word "cheerleader" in an announcement and the red-blooded male population of the building abandoned their offices and rushed to gawk at the girls.

Want proof?

waiting for cheerleaders
Townsquare Media

No shame!

Now, here's a bunch of pictures we took of The Sideline Dolls.

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