The old addage that "money won't buy you happiness" is mostly true, that is unless you have just under $7k in your pocket and an urge to vacation with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

The web-based shopping site is offering a three-day trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico for an up close and personal experience during the making of the annual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' swimsuit calendar.

For $6,999 you and your buddy can live it up on the Mexican Riviera at a five-star hotel with the ladies from Texas. The all-inclusive trip includes two round-trip flights and also provides the lucky bros a behind-the-scenes look at the swimsuit fashion show. The festivities end with a dinner accompanied by staff and guests.

According to the site the trip is valued at a whopping $16,000, but as the late night pitch-men would say, "all this is yours for just $6,999!"

All those purchasing the trip are required to be 21 or older. After all, you have the chance to meet and be rejected by thoroughbreds - you're gonna need a cocktail.

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