The Olympics have cheerleaders? Huh? Who knew?!?!

From what I understand, there aren't 'official' Olympic cheer-leading squads, but Great Britain - of all places - have decided to buck the system and field an officially sanctioned Team Britain cheer-leading squad! Of, being Britain and all, they couldn't just find a bunch of hot chicks and put them in cheer-leading outfits. They couldn't even make it as easy as choosing a college or prep-school squad and giving them the privilege of representing their country.

No. The pompous Brits had to appoint and official cheer-leading selection committee -which evidently consists of "Britain's Got Talent" judge Alesha Dixon. And no one else. On Wednesday, the committee of one announced that that the North London Wildcats will cheer on the home team when the Olympics kick off on July 27.

Oops! Problem is the decision was also put up to a public vote. And the public didn't vote for the Wildcats. They voted for a little more...feisty...squad. By 32 percent to 27 percent.

The public cast their votes for The Crystals- a squad that features more body parts than cheer-leading routines. But a vote is a vote, and a win is a win, right? Wrong. According to Wildcats coach Jenny Toghill in an interview with The London Telegraph,

"Personally I think [Dixon] wanted something that was not stereotypical -- girls running around in bikinis or short hot pants, shaking their butts and other bits."

So, out with the butts and bits, and in with the PG rated version, public opinion be damned! But, since I know you are infuriated by the decision because, you too, wanted the butts and bits, here's the fan-favorites The Crystal - doing what they do best...

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