UPDATE: Barksdale has commented whether or not that the public has access to the event. They said, "Anyone with base access is welcome to come."


According to the event page on Facebook, Barksdale is having a "food truck rally and movie under the stars" event.

The event will be held at their Welcome Center on Main Base starting at 4 pm to 7 pm with the movie starting at 5 pm on Thursday, March 15th.

Come to the event hungry because their will be many food trucks and local vendors on location. You can also expect bounce houses.

Organizers insist that you bring blankets and chairs to enjoy the event comfortably.

The discussion on their Facebook page has brought up whether or not people who live off base can attend the event. While I am writing this- no one has commented on that question, but once someone official does I will let you know. Now, if you are looking to be a vendor the information for who you are supposed to contact is also on their event page on Facebook.

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