99X presents the best of things to do, people to know and other things you love about Shreveport-Bossier.

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    99X Freakshow Winners! [PHOTOS]

    Welcome to the 99X - Phoenix Underground Freak Show! You to submitted photos of yourself in your best Halloween costume - be it scary, funny, sexy or freaky! Our 99X costume judges made good use of your votes when choosing the winner (s).

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    Best Shreveport-Area Rock Bands

    The Shreveport-Bossier area has a LOT of great bands with great original music, which you can hear just by clicking on the media player under each band’s write-up.

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    Private: Shreveport’s Hottest Bartenders

    My Grandfather told me when he took me to my first bar, “Real bartender’s have to be old men – who can talk about anything but football.” Not to say my Grandfather wasn’t a wise man, but I’ve found (in the few times I’ve been in a bar), real bartenders don’t have to be old.

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    Best Places to Cool Off in Shreveport This Summer

    Hellur! It’s your boy Gabe and you are about to get informed on 5 locations to beat the heat this summer! I personally have been swimming in almost every possible place in and around the Shreveport area.

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    Best Places in Shreveport for a Bachelor Party

    First things first. I’m not married. So I don’t understand the whole “June Wedding” thing. It seems popular – a lot of people tie the knot in June – but what makes it more popular than say…September?

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    Best Places For a Kid’s Birthday Party In Shreveport

    My son is nearly two years old and birthday parties, from what I understand, will be an annual event from now on. My wife does the invite list and handles the candles and cake which leaves me scratching my head for the ideal birthday party spot (until he’s old enough for Vegas).

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    Best Places in Shreveport to Take Mom on Mother’s Day

    Of course you’ll have to get Mom the obligatory card…but what she really wants is to spend a little time with you.

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    Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner in Shreveport

    On Thanksgiving, when most people are carefully watching their turkeys roast in the oven and preparing old family recipes for the perfect stuffing, I'll be sitting down to dinner at a truck stop. Hey, don't judge me. I've done it before…several times. And you know what? It's not half bad.